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Jay Leno versus President Obama

Why NBC  Forced Jay Leno Into Retirement … (Editor’s note: We cannot confirm that this text is true, but it would not surprise us!) … News leaked from Hollywood executives in-the-know that the Obama White House pressured executives at NBC for two years to replace Jay Leno because the comedian[…]

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Measure 97 is Not What it Seems

Measure 97 and the Mirage of School Funding … Oregon Catalyst – October 10, 2016 by John Charles, Jr. … Proponents of Measure 97 have consistently claimed that if the measure passes, it will generate an additional $3 billion annually for public education and other social services. Judging from the[…]

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CHD Annexation: It’s Not Over Until It’s Over

Debate focuses on CHD annexation proposal ….Curry Coastal Pilot, September 30, 2015 by Jayati Ramakrishnan….   The Brookings TEA Party on Saturday provided the backdrop for two passionate Curry County residents to debate the merits and drawbacks of a proposal to annex the southern end of the county into the[…]