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A Public Forum printed in the Curry Costal Pilot      2/23/2011

We would like to thank all of those who have supported the Brookings Harbor Tea Party over the past 20 months.  After six events, two rallies and a seminar on the US Constitution we have garnered the attention of many who are concerned about the future of our country – concerned about the massive $14 trillion debt that our children and grandchildren must somehow pay, concerned about the government takeover of the nation’s health care with incredible costs and untenable regulations, and concerned about financial regulations that consolidate banks and raise interest rates.  And, the erosion of individual freedom is appalling.
Thanks also to the progressives who have made our task a little easier by trashing conservative values, calling us names that we cannot mention and demanding even more government spending.  Their voices continue to energize us.  As Ronald Reagan said, “government is part of the problem, not the solution”.  We agree.
But the fight for a smaller government and a restoration of Constitutional values is far from over.  The President seems to be moving toward a Clinton-style center, with an olive branch to USAbusiness and a willingness to compromise on many issues.  But we have seen little action to support his words.  In fact, just the opposite is happening.  For example, the EPA continues to push ahead on progressive legislation designed to penalize clean coal and natural gas generation and the FCC is hell-bent on regulating the Internet, along with a “kill switch” to close the net in case of an “emergency”.  In addition, the President has offered to freeze federal payrolls (that have increased about 13 percent over the past two years) and is willing to cut $100 million from the budget, or about 1/35,000th of total federal expenditures.  This is just short of being disingenuous. On top of that, his administration has exempted from the Health Care law more than 700 organizations – from McDonalds to big labor unions.  Maybe everyone should get an exemption.
If this were not enough, the Speaker of the US House of Representatives – a Republican, of course – is joining the President and progressive legislators in an effort to increase the federal debt limit.  Why?  It seems that the sky is falling.  They claim that if the debt limit is not increased, the nation will default on bond payments and interest.  Maybe the government will be shut down.  The truth of the matter is that they are arguing about just six percent of total federal expenditures.  Think about it.  We are in serious trouble if our elected representatives cannot find some way to cut spending and continue to make bond payments toChinaand millions ofUSAcitizens who depend onUSbond interest.  Closer to home, we see where the Curry County Commissioners have asked the state legislature to allow the County to raid the dedicated Road Fund, to pay for highway patrols.  Then there is the Curry County Health District – a non-profit corporation – that next November will try to tax Brookings residents and others to help pay for the new health center.
The Brookings Harbor Tea Party will move forward, to help gain back freedoms that have been lost and to restrain governments that are out of control.  It will build on past success, improve communications and sponsor regular monthly meetings with great speakers and videos and, of course, a forum for an exchange of ideas – from whatever source.  But we need some sharp people to speak out, help collect and provide facts on county and local issues and participate in every sense of the word.  Your interests will be rewarded by the thanks of thousands of your friends and neighbors.  We look forward to the months ahead when we continue to help change the direction of the greatest nation on earth.  Join us for our next meeting on April 16th
Watch the Pilot for details.
Thank you, from some of your contacts with the Brookings Harbor Tea Party…
Sandra Ensley
Sue Gold
Shirley Hogben
Tom Huxley
John Johnson

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