Letters to the Editor

Get ‘Survivor’ fix with commissioners

For all those “Survivor junkies” out there:  You can be getting more episodes right on theCurryCountywebsite.
Watching recent commissioners’ meetings is as entertaining as watching Survivor on TV. Meetings are just like tribal councils where the secret alliance manages to overcome the rest of the tribe (the public) to blindside and vote out those who threaten to reveal the secret alliance. Who will outplay, outwit and outlast to win the million bucks? So far, despite overwhelming tribal (public) protest they have managed to give themselves permission to vote out the people actively engaged in economic development and spend that money themselves.
At yesterday’s tribal council, they gave themselves permission to spend that money in pursuing acquisition ofCapeBlancoAirport. They should continue to do well in the immunity challenges since they will be physically fit from eating fine meals and restoring themselves at nice hotels on that economic development money after they run out of county money.
Debbie Crumley was blindsided, then voted off to deliberately reduce the powers opposing them; Dave Sanders managed to avoid the chopping block again and they almost sent Julie Swift toRedemptionIslandto fight for her life. In the secret footage, they managed to get tribal approval on Wednesday for the brutality that already took place on Monday. And all the while they are getting jury votes (budget committee) by disguising their secret plan as savings.
Can’t wait for the next episode.
Gary Cook
Gold Beach

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