Letters to the Editor

Obama is not very presidential

It was President Obama who said, “We need bipartisanship to get our deficit under control.”
He invited Republicans to the front row during his speech in April, and then he impugned their reputation by saying they have no concept of what they were doing. Not very presidential is he?
How many times are regular voters going to let the free press pick a Democratic president like they have starting with Carter? If we don’t see clearly as a majority soon then the Standard & Poor’s warning will go ignored.
Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles are co-chairman of the bipartisan commission and their findings are the same as Representative Paul Ryan’s, but the president is not acknowledging their findings; his only interest is raising taxes and spending more then we take in.
Let me explain as simply as possible a fact you must think about. According to our Congressional budget office, 47 percent of our workforce pay zero federal taxes – that’s right, zero. Fox news reports that Democrats want to raise taxes on the rich and Republicans want to cut entitlements like Social Security and Medicare. If you continue to raise taxes only on the rich (and I’m not one) and, say, 60 percent of us don’t pay federal income tax, guess who all the mindless freeloaders are going to vote for?
Say goodbye to theU.S.A.as we know it and say hello to Democratic Marxism coming soon to your hometown. History proves Marxist governments always fail.
Teri Dalrymple
Gold Beach

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