Letters to the Editor

County’s ill-fated airport scheme

The county commissioners are planning to take over ownership of theCapeBlancoAirport, set anOregonprecedent of converting state park land to private development, and spend money on an ill-fated scheme.
And they’re not telling us about it.
The extent of notification has been a cryptic two-line announcement offered less than two days before our officials quietly voted for a decision of great importance and budgetary consequence.
Excellent coverage by the Curry County Reporter emphasized the commissioners and their legal counsel’s caveat that the effort is simply exploratory, but that’s not what the approved action says. It bluntly states that the county “has agreed to pursue the transfer of theCapeBlancoAirportfrom the State ofOregontoCurryCounty.”
Since our commissioners are not talking, why not call 800-243-1996 or 541-247-3296. Ask what they’re doing.  Maybe they’ll tell you, as they told me, that they want ownership because our near-bankrupt county with its laid-off employees will be more capable of investing millions in improvements at the airport than is the state. Maybe they’ll tell you that they have plans to make money from a golf course after committing millions in public assets for sweetheart deals. But they’ll probably just tell you that this will be aired at the “appropriate” time.
That means after the dealings are done and commitments of our precious tax dollars are made on an enterprise as foolish as any effort to hide from the people who vote.
Tim Palmer
Port Orford

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