Letters to the Editor

Consolidate school districts into one

CurryCountyhas three independent school districts, each with a superintendent, business manager, and various administrative support staff.
Total enrollment in the three districts is fewer than 2,500 students, less than the size of one individual big city school.  Article after article in the local papers laments the fact that, due to budgetary constraints, teachers must be laid off, the school year – already the shortest in the country, must be cut by several more days, and minor athletic programs must be disbanded. All of these cuts directly affect our students, while no cuts affect administration.
Has anyone considered unifying the three districts and consolidating them into one county-wide district, thereby saving an enormous amount of administrative monies that could instead be used for additional teachers, more school days, and minor athletic programs?
County commissioners’ time would be better spent attacking ideas such as unification rather than spending it on a boondoggle such as theCapeBlancoAirport.
Our elected officials should be true public servants, always striving for what is best forCurryCountyand its residents, not trying to settle old feuds or personal vendettas.
Gregory J. Empson

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