Letters to the Editor

Ask questions and turn up the heat

Questions. Sincere questions and clear truthful answers. They are integral parts of the foundations of a true democracy.
We elect people to office because they tell us what they think we want to hear. They dress to impress their audience of the moment (suits/boots and bibs, etc). They speak to impress but use the slang of the locale. When we vote we choose some over others. But, what do we get when they take office?
Having visited theCurryCoastfor many years and lived in Port Orford for five, we have had the opportunity to observeCurryCountygovernment. While past administrations may not have been “award winning,” the current group of commissioners appears to be running amok.
Using the excuse that extreme circumstances require extreme measures, they seem to be embarking on a course of action known to them and only them. Meetings are held and questions asked, but the  answers are couched in terms of the vaguest generalities.
Let’s turn the heat up, folks. Go to the meetings, ask the questions and yes, letters to the editors. Good topics such as thePortOrfordAirport, theBrookingsAirport, raiding the road fund reserves for the sheriff’s department, Tidewater’s gravel permits, Crook Point Golf Course, etc.
Questions! Remember, we elected men, not the Holy Trinity, to run the county.
Jim Hajek
Port Orford

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