Letters to the Editor

County paying now for past mistakes

It appears that having read former County Commissioner Marlyn Schafer’s letter to the editor titled “Our county is in real trouble,” she has apparently reached the phase of her life where she believes, “ The older I get, the better I was,” applies to her.
About five years ago, The Harbor Community Action Committee (HCAC) while Schafer was commissioner put a charter county initiative on the ballot to do what Schafer now thinks – according to her letter – needs to be done. At that time,  Schafer and the employee unions fought HCAC tooth and nail to defeat the ballot measure because it would have eliminated relatives working for relatives as is currently common, opened competition for jobs to more qualified outside applicants, and eliminated the big salary and benefits package for commissioners. It would have given political power to the people.
The county is now suffering from the excessive spending that she and her fellow commissioners granted to benefit large land developers and the county employee unions. She and her fellow commissioners bought into the big sugar daddy socialist government principle that there is always going to be a government handout coming from the state or federal government to bail the county out.
Schafer, while a lame duck commissioner who was defeated in the primary election, was responsible for negotiating a labor contract that granted a 21.5 percent pay raise over a three-year period to the county labor unions, not knowing whether the O&C money from the feds would be available or not.  The county employees are paying for those pay raises now with shortages of personnel due to layoffs of junior members to pay for those raises she gave them.
Ralph Martin

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