Letters to the Editor

Many Curryites fall in mordant category

Webster’s defines the word “mordant” as sharply caustic or sarcastic. Recent articles taken from Curry County papers should place 58.9 percent of all Curryites in the “mordant” category – to wit:
Trash fees are going up. County employees get perked $1,160 monthly for health insurance. County wants $10 extra to look up septic tank info. Coos Curry Electric (For the people and by the people) raising rates again. What happened to the $200,000 they claimed to have saved buying those non-American-made, steel power towers they got from our drug-cartel southern neighbors?
Curry Hospice is $350,000 in the red. The new hospital in Brookings offers a six week wait to visit a “real” doctor. The Curry School District thinks I’m going to applaud a tax increase on my property by forking over hundreds of dollars to help finance some munchkin’s on the job training at minimum wage in this area of high-roller store owners.
If you are not yet in a mordant mood, check.this out: Gold Beach High School doesn’t want to eliminate wrestling in the coming years so a scholarship can be given to some deserving young wrestler. I guess there is no need to be smart anymore. You only need to be able to throw your opponent to the floor and the college of your dreams will open their doors to your gladiator skills.
Frankly I’m backing a Palin-Bachman ticket. That’ll quickly put an end to all this nonsense.
Gary Smith

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