Letters to the Editor

What some teens do with their time

In his letter to the editor (Pilot, June 18) Mr. Jim Collis asked “Where are the young adults/teenagers,” as he referred to the tea party.   Well this letter is not about the tea party, but I think I know what “some” of those teens do with their time.
On Sunday, June 19 (Fathers Day), at 1:15, while my wife and I were in the Fred Meyer cafeteria area there were approximately 10 teens around one table acting loud and disruptive. A couple, it appeared were high or intoxicated and one girl – (very dark hair, white T-shirt and blue denim shorts – was so messed up she fell flat on her face while trying to get out of her chair and had to be assisted by a friend.
When this small band of local youth left, that area was trashed to include napkin containers on the floor. There is an old saying that for sure is not always true, but most of the time is, in my opinion: “If you want to know what the parents are like, look at the kids!”
God help America.
Jeff McMoran

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