Letters to the Editor

Our county is in real trouble

It’s time for theCountyCommissionersto put on their big boy pants and make the cuts I recommended during the budget meetings.
The budget they just approved has over half a million dollar deficit because of the federal cuts they were just notified about. I warned them during the budget meetings that they should not count on any more money coming from the federal government because it is trillions of dollars in debt.
The budget problem cannot wait until next year. The county now operates on the 6 million dollars we saved in the eight years I was commissioner. Without that money, you would have felt the cutbacks needed before this.
It isn’t fair that they are not telling you the truth about how bad it will be. It isn’t fair to the citizens to feel like everything is OK. We must realize our county is in real trouble. If we want good public safety, which we all do, we will have to pay more taxes. There is no free ride anymore. I really think we’ll have to reorganize the county in order to be less costly to run.
A few years ago I was opposed to being aCharterCountybut now I think we have to reorganize if we want to still be a county and not become part ofCoosCounty. This means we will need a Charter so we can run our county the way we want to and not have to follow the laws for aGeneralLawCounty.
If you want part-time commissioners, or districts so commissioners would be elected from all parts of the county, or if you want less elected officials we have to have a Charter. The commissioners should appoint a committee or citizens can form their own committee to draft a Charter to put on the ballot for us to vote on. There are a lot of Charter Counties inOregonthat the committee could look at so they wouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel.
Marlyn Schafer

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