Letters to the Editor

Funding loss for current fiscal year

This letter is with respect to recent events that will reduce county general funds by more than $1 million and, thatCurryCountycommissioners don’t always do what they say.
GoldBeachand Brookings news articles indicate that with the county divestiture of Home Health and Hospice, commissioners agreed to “forgive” (with your tax dollars) the remaining (yet unknown) debt of that department effective June 30, 2011.
The latest reported estimates exceed $500,000. The final deficit will ultimately be offset with tax dollars from the county general fund.
Additional county departmental fiscal year-end (June 30, 2011) deficits totaling around $300,000 were also offset with general fund tax dollars.
June 6, 2011, at a town hall meeting on county finances in Brookings, Commissioner Rhodes committed to provide written answers to questions I submitted the prior month, stating “… We will answer your questions and you will have a written response to your questions tomorrow. I guarantee that.” (source: audio of meeting)
June 9, 2011, the new county director of Administration responded on behalf of commissioner Rhodes, inviting me to make an appointment (drive 70 miles round trip Harbor to Gold Beach) and have “… in-person meetings to promote open dialog and communication.”
There apparently will be no written response to questions related to comments made by a particular commissioner. Some accounting related information was provided by the county accountant.
Commissioners met July 5, 2011, and briefly discussed the recent Secure Rural Schools (SRS) funding loss of over $500,000. A concerned citizen attending the meeting asked why no solutions were discussed and stated, “I thought, you’re a half-a-million dollars short in a current budget.” Commissioner Rhodes responded “Well actually this is not the current budget. This impacts next years budget.”
Commissioners, this funding loss is for the current fiscal budget ending June 30, 2012.
I guarantee that.
Thomas Huxley

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