Letters to the Editor

Politics or achievements?

Achievers are positive, constructive, efficient, responsible goal setters. They have a plan to serve a need and work it.
Politicians aspire to be the government: that is governing, not serving. Running the business of government. What is that?
Does the government produce a viable product, productive ideas or responsible services? Nongovernment businesses produce one of the three successfully or go out of business. (Bankrupt.)
Unlike private business: governments hire, not fire; collect monies without fiscal responsibility; keep books, closed to their bosses; conduct affairs including wars without board approval; conduct illegal affairs without prosecution; release monies with political contingencies attached; and you can probably include a few more.
No product, no constructive ideas, decreasing services and collecting more monies than ever? They have the guts to demand more from us?  Bankrupt they be spending money like it’s free!  Anyone with guts, integrity and a real plan for the business of government?
Like what you’ve got? Pretty white teeth full of deceit and lies.
Keep electing them!
Mike Davis

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