Letters to the Editor

Suspicious about Rhodes’ activities

Now that the commissioners have officially approved pursuing ownership ofCapeBlancoAirport, a full three months afterRhodesmade the proposal to the Oregon Department of Aviation, someone should ask Commissioner Rhodes who Grant Hornbeak is and why he has been meeting with him for months now.
Why did he and the sheriff take Hornbeak on a field trip toNorthCounty? Nothing has been said about Hornbeak, even so much as asking who he is or why he has been meetingRhodesbehind closed doors week after week for months. Don’t you think the other commissioners should be just a little curious about this? And yet, not one word has been said about Hornbeak in public.
Also, what kind of a land deal is he brokering with state parks involving private investors? Not that it matters what the public thinks. A decision has been made to acquireCapeBlancoAirportand the state is hoping a local entity will take ownership so they don’t have to spend any more money on it.
Put the airport together with Hornbeak and land deals involving private investors and state parks and what do you get?
When it is “appropriate” to inform the public and take input, the public can expect to have every bit as much influence as the legions who spoke in favor of Susan Brown and economic development.
Pattie Cook

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