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House Concurrent Resolution 

  Sponsored by Representative GREENLICK (Presession filed.)

Whereas soils produce food and fiber, recycle water, support lush forests, yield bountiful grain and nut harvests, provide range forage, sustain wildlife and foster urban development; and

Whereas the State of  Oregon and its citizens benefit from a rich and diverse soil resource that sustains agricultural, range, forestry and urban economies; and

Whereas public awareness of  Oregon’s soil resource promotes land stewardship and soil conservation, which benefit future generations; and

Whereas Oregon has many unique soils due to interactions of complex geology, varied climates and diverse biota; and

Whereas the various soils provide color, texture and patterns to Oregon’s landscape; and

Whereas Jory soil is easily distinguishable by its strikingly red color on stable foothills; and Whereas Jory soil exhibits distinctive characteristics and features that illustrate soil formation, conservation and management; and

Whereas Jory soil is representative of Oregon’s diverse and unique soil resource; now, therefore,

Be It Resolved by the Legislative Assembly of the State of Oregon:

That we, the members of the Seventy-sixth Legislative Assembly, designate Jory soil as the official soil of the State of Oregon.

Adopted by House March 30, 2011 Ramona Kenady Line, Chief Clerk of House Bruce Hanna, Speaker of House Arnie Roblan, Speaker of House

Adopted by Senate May 23, 2011 Peter Courtney, President of Senate

 History of HCR 3

HCR 3 By Representative GREENLICK (Presession filed.) — Designating Jory soil as official state soil.

1-10(H) First reading. Referred to Speaker’s desk.

1-21 Referred to Rules; 2-18 Public Hearing held; 3-23 Work Session held; 3-29 Recommendation: Be adopted; 3-30 Read. Carried by Greenlick. Adopted.

Ayes, 47; Nays, 12–Conger, Esquivel, Garrard, Jenson, Johnson, Krieger, Parrish, Sheehan, Sprenger, Thompson, Wand, Speaker Hanna; Excused, 1–Richardson.

3-31(S) First reading. Referred to President’s desk.

4-1 Referred to Environment and Natural Resources; 5-12 Public Hearing and Work Session held; 5-18 Recommendation: Be adopted.

Second reading; 5-19 [and final] Final reading. Carried by Olsen.

Yes, 11; nays, 18–Atkinson, Beyer, Edwards, Ferrioli, George, Girod, Johnson, Kruse, Monnes Anderson, Monroe, Nelson, Olsen, Prozanski, Starr, Telfer, Thomsen, Whitsett, Winters; excused, 1–Boquist. Monnes Anderson, having voted on the prevailing side, served notice of possible reconsideration.  Kruse served notice of possible reconsideration and moved for immediate reconsideration. Motion to adjourn failed. Ayes, 13; nays, 16–Bates, Beyer, Bonamici, Burdick, Devlin, Dingfelder, Edwards, Hass, Johnson, Monnes Anderson, Monroe, Prozanski, Rosenbaum, Shields, Verger, President Courtney; excused, 1–Starr. Motion to lay reconsideration on the table carried.

Ayes, 21; nays, 8–Atkinson, Boquist, Ferrioli, Girod, Kruse, Nelson, Thomsen, Whitsett; excused, 1–Starr. 5-23 Motion to take from the table carried. Ayes, 25; nays, 5–Ferrioli, George, Girod, Kruse, Starr.  Motion to reconsider carried. Ayes, 16; nays, 14–Atkinson, Boquist, Ferrioli, George, Girod, Kruse, Morse, Nelson, Olsen, Starr, Telfer, Thomsen, Whitsett, Winters.  Motion to move previous question passed on voice vote. Final reading. Carried by Olsen. Adopted. Ayes, 18; nays, 12–Atkinson, Boquist, Ferrioli, George, Girod, Kruse, Nelson, Starr, Telfer, Thomsen, Whitsett, Winters. 6-1(H) Co-Speakers signed.

6-2(S) President signed.

6-2(H) Filed with Secretary of State.

TEA Comment:  What???  Are you kidding us ?  Are your elected officials are wasting time?  You decide.  Then vote!

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