Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


September 7, 2011

Chief should obey laws of the land


If Brookings Police Chief Chris Wallace believes he did the right thing when he violated Oregon’s election laws in 2010, as reported in the last issue of the Pilot (Sept. 3) in a story by Steve Kadel, then I think the chief needs to find a new line of work. 

IF it is Chief Wallace’s job to enforce our laws, then he needs to obey them just like the rest of us. According to the story, the chief said he disobeyed the election law regarding a medical marijuana measure because “I felt it was my job as chief to supply information to citizens” and he added, “I hope people respect that and expect that from me.” 

Does that mean he intends to continue violating election laws in the future? What other laws does he feel he does not have to obey in order to do his job the way he thinks it should be done? Maybe rough up a few teenage pot smokers in the back room of the police station to make them behave properly? 

No, I’m not a medical marijuana user nor am I an activist of any kind. I’m simply a citizen concerned that our public servants obey the laws of the land just like I have to. The chief paid a $75 fine for his violation. That’s not much of a deterrent to breaking the law. I would rather he be required to apologize to the citizens he serves and promise that he will not break any laws in the future.

Dave Duffy 



Who’s going to pay for another airport?


Does Curry County need another airport? One that was built in 1945 for B-29s going from Seattle to California for deployment to the Asian theatre of WW II? 

We have a county commissioner who thinks we do, but he has not yet convinced the FAA and the State of Oregon. He wants it for the planes coming in to his “Golf course/Destination Resort/RV Park” in Floras Lake State Park Natural Area, which he also wants the state to turn over to Curry County.

This airstrip has been maintained by the State of Oregon for 66 years, and is currently in light use: It  has seven, single-engine private planes based on space leased from the State of Oregon. The FAA states that in a 12-month period ending 22 March 2011, there were 75 operations per month: 67 percent transient general aviation; 17 percent military; 11 percent local general aviation; 6 percent air taxi.

The FAA calls the surface “fair,” which means the runway would need resurfacing if private and charter jets were flying in to the golf course/destination resort. The runway is nearly 1 mile long – 5100 ft. by 150 ft. Would the developers pay for resurfacing a mile of asphalt? And the yearly maintenance costs? It has no facilities – fuel, oxygen, lights, control tower, etc. Would they install the expensive updates needed to make it an airport instead of a landing strip? And would they maintain it? Or would Curry County be saddled with it?

Whose money is going into this airport/destination resort, and whose profit would be the first to come out of it? And when? 

We have a desperate financial shortfall right now, that needs immediate attention and focus from our county commissioners.

Mim Lagoe


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