Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

 September 10,  2011

Don’t take Floras Lake away from us


People in north Curry have opposed the commissioners’ plan to trade Floras Lake State Park for a private golf course, and for many reasons. Consider just these two.

The proposal puts the county at great economic risk by flying in the face of state park policies; tsunami protection goals of the Aviation Department; Blacklock’s screaming wind, torrential rain, and wetlands; and the economic trajectory of the golf industry, which is dropping like a rock. 

Developers such as Herb Kohler (bathroom fixtures) never got rich by losing money, and to expect them to pay our county $1 million/year while in the red with this lemon is unrealistic. They will have an escape clause, or a real-estate bankruptcy shield, and we will pay for the mess that Commissioner Rhodes leaves behind.

Second, consider the commissioners’ request, and if you would do the same in your life or your business. The county faces a budget crunch, as many of us do. Rhodes’ response is to turn to the stewards of Oregon’s magnificent system of state parks with his hand out and this message: My county is broke. But your park is valuable. Give it to me.

Rhodes’ plan is doomed, but he continues to spend taxpayer money on it, investing time, travel, and undisclosed public resources including those of other county staff and departments. 

Let’s leave this fiasco behind and get on with the real budgetary work that needs to be done.

Tim Palmer 

Port Orford 

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