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Obamanomics… coming to a close?

September 20, 20111 

Dear President Obama,

Since we are not privy to your grades, we are unable to determine whether or not you actually can do math. But, let’s assume for the sake of this letter you can. Math in a real sense is simple one plus one equals ten. Oh wait, that is liberal math, my apologies, if I keep making mistakes like that I’ll be investing, I mean losing, half a trillion borrowed dollars in a solar company soon, would not want to do that. We are a gazillion dollars in debt and deficit, if we add more to it we will be a gazillion plus that much. Wait, I made a mistake, time for the red pen, in your world I have to go bankrupt to create jobs. Makes complete sense to a guy like you and Mr. Biden.

Last night I decided to continue my at home education regarding the subject of math. I would like to use the big m&m’s, but time are tough so we buy the small ones. So there we are at the kitchen table, and I ask a question. “Why did the m&m company make those m&m’s?” The response “ . . . to make a profit . . .” I’ve got that lesson squared away, check that box for good parenting. Then I said “Well . . . what if you were running the m&m company and you could only make seven m&m’s and the government came and took all seven, would you make more?” The response, I’m very proud to say, was “No.” At this point in the lesson I’m one proud father. So I decide to go for the long ball. “What if the government takes one? Would that be ok?” The response “I think so, that’s not too much, o.k.”

So why is it I can teach a child about economics, math, and tax policy; but I’m unable to get more citizens to understand how incentives function in the free market and how taxes are structured not to pay for the things we can’t do for ourselves, but to keep a small cadre of liberal democrats and RINO Republicans in power. It frustrates me to no end. Maybe if I run for office I should bring a bowl of m&m’s? If I get elected I will be known as the m&m President! Then I can go to schools all across this blessed land with my bowl and teach children, while giving them copious amounts of m&m’s to eat, math and economics all in one shot. It’s a win win:)

Mr. Obama the jig is up. All that is left is the paperwork. On November 6, 2012 we issue the last of a two part restraining order to this socialist nightmare and we will be applying the m&m standard to every law and regulation on the books. Just like every business in America does. One exception. The Federal Government, that racket has special protection, not for long . . .


Joe Doakes

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