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No Tea Party Leaders?

The Tea Party has NO leaders! 

 The theory is, if there are no leaders then there is no one for the opposition to target for destruction!  Nothing could be further from the truth!

Our Constitution is a document guaranteeing individual rights, not a herd approach to ‘crowd-governance’. Therefore, We The People are a collection of Citizens united as a cohesive body of individuals. What this means is the full weight of self-governance sits squarely upon each and every one of our shoulders. We don’t share the load of Constitutional rights; each one carries the full load!

The individual retains the authority of one man and one vote; this is called democracy.  As a Republic each individual chooses, through the electoral process, the one candidate to transact business on their behalf.  Individual rights and unalienable rights can only be possessed by an individual, there is no such thing as plural possession of Constitutional rights.

The Tea Party is made up of tens of millions of individuals under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Constitution, thereby, making all members, leaders who chooses to associate with others who possess common goals and homogeneous beliefs.  Yes, we are a grass-roots movement of leaders! We are self-starters individually manifesting our rights.  So the next time someone says; “We don’t have a leader” please remind them; ‘I am not a follower, the weight of my beloved nation is upon my shoulders, I am a leader.”

Sincerely – One of millions of leaders!

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