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Curry Coastal Pilot – Forum – Saturday, Oct. 29, 2011 

<<<< Curry County Democrats support the Occupy Everywhere Movement >>> 

Curry County Democratic Central Committee Submitted by Bob Horel, Chairman 

We, the Democratic Party of Curry County, strongly endorse the popular outcry embodied in the Occupy Wall Street movement, now in its second month and spreading across America to hundreds of  cities and towns including a dozen sites in Oregon.  Waged in large part by young people and employing the slogan “We are the 99 Percent,” this important Occupy populist movement has captured the spirit of our times giving voice to the frustrations felt by million s of Americans who are struggling in an enfeebled economy while the 1 percent continues to prosper. 

The tens of thousands who have created an Occupy Everywhere movement have tapped the exasperation of those who have watched Washington shower billions in taxpayer-funded bailouts on Wall Street while ignoring the crisis on Main Street.  Taxes have been slashed again and again for the wealthy while income inequality soars.

The Occupy Wall Street movement is not about heaping abuse on the rich. It is not about protesting wealth or hating and punishing success.  Instead, this vital movement is helping to make the destructive consequences of current policies become more visible, shining a light on the massive amount of human suffering and the destructive social costs of ever-deepening inequality.  This movement is calling for our leaders to stop catering to the top 1 percent and focus on helping the vast majority of Americans who are hurting. 

This is a movement for everyone who wants to stop the disproportionate concentration of wealth and the extreme corporate power that is exerting a destructive influence on our democracy. This is a movement for everyone who supports economic justice, demands tax fairness and expects responsible corporate conduct. 

We salute those brave and creative Occupy Wall Street activists who have responsibly drawn attention to unjust political and economic policies that have produced unprecedented disparities in wealth and power and have resulted in unconscionable  income inequality at a level unseen since the 1920s.  The top one percent of the population owns 40 percent of our nation’s wealth while the bottom half – 150 million Americans – owns just 2 percent. 

The Occupy Wall Street movement points to the playing field of the American economy that has become overwhelmingly slanted toward the wealthiest among us with rules unjustly biased in their favor.  Our sound federal financial regulatory system that had kept banking reliable since the Great Depression was destroyed while the short-term interests of Wall Street were served and the world was brought to the brink of ruin.  The massive crisis of 2008 brought on by reckless financial policies destroyed 20 percent of our national net worth. The policies that have secured the wealth, profit and privileges of the fortunate few at the top have produced vast economic, social, political and cultural inequalities with terrible human costs. 

In the midst of a crushing economic crisis, Wall Street has used taxpayer-funded bailouts to further enrich banks, corporations and hedge fund managers producing soaring profits.  Many Wall Street workers expect high bonuses this year while middle class incomes remain stagnant.  Corporations and banks are holding onto enormous profits, estimated at $2 trillion in cash reserves, while refusing to create much-needed jobs.  Bank profits have risen 136 percent since the financial crisis while bank lending has fallen by 9 percent. 

Twenty-five million Americans are unsuccessfully looking for full time work.  Fifty million Americans have no health insurance.  Forty six million Americans live in poverty, a 17 year high.  Twenty-two percent of all children in America live in poverty.  Fifteen million American families have received foreclosure notices.  

The American dream has disappeared for the millions who have lost their homes.  The American dream has disappeared for workers who have been stripped of the right to bargain collectively and have been forced to take wage and benefit cuts while corporate profits and executive compensation are at historic highs. 

The Occupy Wall Street movement speaks to an entire young generation being robbed of a decent future.  The American dream has disappeared for young people who are faced with a future of low-income jobs and little hope and for students who leave college with unparalleled debt. 

We stand in solidarity with those who call for an end to policies that result in massive poverty, deadly levels of unemployment, home foreclosures, cuts to education, cuts to vital public services and public safety, and policies that maintain a system of inadequate healthcare and that ignore crucial infrastructure that continues to fall into disrepair. 

We stand in solidarity with those who are calling upon our government to sensibly regulate corporations, big banks and the financial industry and for these institutions to do their part to create good, living-wage jobs, stop foreclose res and pay their fair share of taxes. We stand in solidarity with those who work to build a far more just and sustainable future for our young people.  

We stand in solidarity with those who seek substantive political transformations in the interest of equality, justice and freedom for all Americans.  Together we can work to fulfill the promise of democracy, to promote the common good, to rebuild the eroding foundations of social protections and security.  Together we can build a sustainable economy with living-wage jobs for all workers.  Together we can recognize and fulfill the fundamental right of every person to decent health care. 

 Together we can rebuild a public education system geared toward producing an educated populace of critical thinkers and engaged citizens capable of holding those in power accountable.  Together we can rebuild our nationwide system of schools, roads, bridges and our electrical grid, and create a 21st century infrastructure worthy of a country as wealthy and splendid as the United States. 

 We all want the same things.  We all want the American dream of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But we must want it for everyone, not just for the privileged and fortunate few. 

 Finally, we call upon the activists to take all of this marvelous energy and, next November, Occupy The Voting Booth .


Curry Costal Pilot – Letters to the Editor – Saturday November 5, 2011

 <<< As an American, Where Do You Stand? >>>


Having read the Public Forum in the Oct. 29 Pilot by the Curry County Democratic Central Committee Chairman endorsing the activities of the Occupy Wall Street  (OWS) movement, I wasn’t a bit surprised.  

This Democratic Party/Big Union driven Occupy Wall Street (OWS) group that is also endorsed by the American Nazi and American Communist Party as well as anarchists worldwide are on a mission to financially destroy the United States and its Constitutional form of government.

If one were to get out their dictionary and read the definition of Communism, you would find that it is the type of government that The Democratic Central Committee and (OWS) people support.  The framers of our Constitution gave us a Republic, yet our government as it has moved more and more toward Socialism through its Socialist public schools have for years taught that we are a Democracy. This began when the Feds took education away from the states. A Republic is governed by rule of law whereas a Democracy is governed by the majority. Once the majority finds they can vote themselves money and benefits earned by others that they themselves haven’t had to work for, they will do that out of greed. That’s where this country is now and that’s what The Democratic Central Committee and (OWS) support.

One has only to watch the news and listen to the crimes, drug use, rioting, filthy living conditions, and destruction being perpetrated by the Occupy Wall Street protesters in nearly every city they demonstrate in and compare them to the orderly, respectful, patriotic gatherings of the TEA Party people and you have to wonder on which side you as an American stand?

Ralph Martin



 Curry Costal Pilot – Letters to the Editor – Saturday  November 5, 2011

<<< Do you want a Socialist state? >>>


Occupy Wall Streeters, 99 percenters and their Democrat compatriots are executing grand misdirection. How? 

•Occupy financial centers under the guise of stopping bailouts, influence and greed while President Obama and Congress are responsible for the problem and its fixes.

•March on banks receiving bailouts rather than the federal government giving them.

•Vilify Wall Street/corporate influence-pedaling vice targeting influenced politicians, including President Obama and his Wall Street crony staff (e.g., chief of staff, Treasury secretary and Economic/Jobs advisor).

•Demand student loan forgiveness, saying nothing about teacher unions’ part in high tuition costs.

•Blame banks/Wall Street for mortgage/housing woes rather than irresponsible government policies and politicians.

•Welcome multimillionaire Democrats who hypocritically tout redistributive wealth but aren’t giving up outrageous salaries and paying more taxes.

•Target media mogul who gives Democrats, Republicans and Independents fair coverage, passing by Democrat Wall Street billionaires.

•Tolerate anti-Semitism and crime in demonstrations: “Movement” is more important.

Democrats are now exposed as Socialists. The proof: demanding government policy changes by protesting the policy beneficiaries rather than policy makers. They know their goal won’t be met by targeting the real culprits behind the economic troubles, the president and Congress, including Democrats. So they twist focus to Wall Street, and “enemies” to create an environment for Democrat leadership to make the final leap into total Socialism, culminating 90-plus years of “progressing”ˇ rather than “throw the bums out.”

For real change, they’d vilify the president and all Congress and occupy Washington D.C.

Time to decide: Do you want America a Constitutional Republic or Socialist state? Remember, history shows the latter never works.

Dianne Daniels

Gold Beach


  Curry Costal Pilot – Letters to the Editor – Saturday, November 5, 2011

<<<  Buy your vote? Yes we will >>>




Buy your vote? Yes we will, by:


•Increasing Social Security payments to buy senior citizens’ votes (even though for three years they said there is no inflation at all);


•Forgiving student loans (if you live long enough); 


•Refinancing mortgages if under water (but you still owe full amount owed);


•Giving union leaders bailout ownerships instead of investors (in violation of federal business laws); 


•Sympathizing with the 99 percenters (while kissing up to big business for reelection donations); 


•Continuing deportation only for very serious criminals to get alien votes (while leaving the borders open for more); 


•Continuing to bus voting-age people between states that have no identity requirements for voters (hey, it always works, ask ex-president Clinton – the anti-racist president); 


•Joining with the so-called Wall Street sitters in irrational aggression versus facts (who passed all of these killer laws, it wasn’t the banks or business people). 


And, who pays for it? You and I of course.


Doug Bewall 


Gold Beach 


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