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You just can’t fix stupid!



…By Sean Aland — March 9, 2013…

While reflecting on the news in America and the lack of common sense that has taken over our society I thought recently of what a good friend said: “You just can’t fix stupid!”

Unfortunately it seems many Americans, especially our politicians, are suffering from some special kind of stupid, as they make decisions that just don’t make sense.  The problem does not seem to be gender, age, political party, or income-specific.  Looking at my research for columns, I decided that the lack of common sense and good judgment were worthy topics.

Friday John Kerry and Michelle Obama were going to honor 10 extraordinary women with the Secretary of State’s International Women of Courage Award.  Big problem, one of the honorees, Samira Ibrahim, is a militant Islamist, anti-Semite who celebrated the murder of innocent Israelis in a suicide-attack as “very sweet news” and after Benghazi stated that every 9/11 anniversary should be marked by “America burning.”  Had it not been for someone outside the state department looking at her Facebook account she would have received the award.   Still troubling her award has been postponed.

How is that that American citizens can be targeted for drone strikes on American soil without the benefit of due process but captured terrorists and battlefield combatants can be brought to the U.S. to give them the due-process rights and protections of American citizens?  Bin Laden’s son in law is a prime example.

Why is it that when a conservative Congressman has the guts to filibuster bad policy, the GOP establishment does not support his effort?  Why is it that establishment Republicans would rather have dinner with the president and then slam the filibuster effort the next day even after it had positive results?

Why is Hugo Chavez, a third world dictator who accumulated over a billion dollars in personal wealth by literally stealing from his people while they lived in poverty, praised as a “man of the people” by liberals and the Hollywood crowd while Mitt Romney and other wealthy Americans who have worked hard to EARN millions, create jobs, and make people’s lives better are vilified as taking advantage of the little people?

Why is it that the wealthy politicians who are supposed to be serving us feel a pay cut “offends the dignity of their office” – even though most of them should be fired for non-performance of duties – but don’t see a problem when 95% of government workers take a 20% pay cut?

How is it the GOP was demonized for their “War on Women” over lies about birth control, binders, and liberal sexual behavior, while nothing is said about Democrats saying woman are not entitled to use a firearm to defend themselves from rape (which has been shown to be 100% effective)?  Why do liberals get away with giving stupid advice like “just tell the man not to rape you,” “pee on yourself,” “vomit,” “go after the assailant with a pen.”  Why do women accept that the president’s cabinet and advisors are an old white man’s club or that he supports Planned Parenthood and other abortion mills that produce the psychological problems of Post Abortion syndrome (PAS)?

Why is it that the attack on the second amendment has liberals overreacting with children to the point where they suspend a kid for chewing a pop-tart into the shape of a gun or pretending a piece of paper is a gun, and also suspend a kid who disarmed a real gunman?

Why has it taken five years for anyone to realize that Obama overstates or fabricates all his self-made crisis situations (like the sequester) while at the same time campaigning against the very problems his poor decisions and leadership have caused?  Why can’t Americans see that this is just his way of creating fear so he can strike a last minute deal and look like a hero?

Speaking of sequestration I don’t understand why DHS releases thousands of felons to save money , furloughs border patrol agents due to costs but then spends $50 million purchasing new uniforms from Mexico – why not create a few sewing jobs here?

I don’t understand how “we the people” have allowed the First Amendment to be turned against what it was written to protect: freedom of religion.

How is it that the religious beliefs our country was founded on are not welcome, but the fanatical religions that want to see America fall are protected.

The first amendment guaranteed our Freedom of Religion to freely worship in any denomination while understanding that our nation was founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs and covenanted with God.

Today Christians and Jews are to be discriminated against and other religions without any tolerance like Islam and Atheism are to be embraced.

It is no longer freedom OF religion, but rather freedom FROM the Judeo–Christian religion.  Both parties embrace freedom FROM religion as they abandon our traditional values in an attempt to appease moderate voters.  Further, as we cast our exceptionalism aside, church people accept and even support freedom FROM religion as public policy.

While I’m on religion why are we cutting the United States military budgets while giving money, tanks, and jets to nations that sponsor militant Islam and have ties to terror organizations that are our enemies?

How is it that Major Nidal Hasan can shoot and kill13 people while yelling Allah “At-the-bar” but he is not classified as a terrorist?

Why is it that anyone ever listens to Joe Biden?

Why does the media put up with insults and intimidation from the White House? And why are they afraid to do their job?

The list could go on, as some days you feel like you’ve fallen off the reality train and some days you feel like you’ve been pushed.

Unfortunately the audio from too many people is coming in loud and stupid!



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