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Letters to the Editor — Curry Coastal Pilot — October. 9, 2013…

For the past nine months Curry County commissioners have focused their energy on how to “Dupe and Deceive” the citizens of Curry County into approving a Tax Levy.

This despicable behavior became nothing less than a circus October 2 at the commissioners’ meeting when elected county officials paraded up before the cameras to pledge their support for the November 5 Tax Levy. Officials and staff attending the meeting outnumbered citizens 16 to 3.

Those attending were provided a preview of commissioner Smith’s “Wild Rivers Coast Review” that will be inserted into property tax bills being mailed around October 7. This “Special Edition” is dedicated to the November 5 Tax Levy and includes the state’s alternative (HB 3453) should voters fail to approve the measure. This threatening alternative states an income tax may be imposed by commissioners without a vote of county electors.

Two weeks after defeat of the May 21 Tax Levy commissioners went on a hiring spree. June 11 they transferred $950,000 into the county general fund from road fund reserves which total nearly $35,000,000. What followed were six promotions and 10 new hires including four deputies. The funds could have been transferred a year earlier and double the amount but that would remove “fear mongering” and “intimidation” from the commissioners’ bag of deception.

For more information, including details of the one-year agreement commissioners recently signed with the Teamsters union, go to Check out HB 3453 and HB 4175 at the top of the page for the truth.

Don’t be “Duped.” Vote NO November 5.

Thomas Huxley


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