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This letter is regarding the Oct. 23, 2013, (Pilot) piece from Commissioner Itzen titled “Accuracy Addressed.” The letter Itzen refers to was published Oct, 9, 2013 and titled “Despicable Duping.”

Commissioner Itzen began his letter attempting to convince readers that filling a vacant position was not a “new hire” and that the clerk’s office was hiring staff to cope with “potential” future workloads. Commissioners instructed staff to research and prepare a memo on “Hires and Promotions” in the Sheriff’s Office which was discussed at length during their October 16 meeting.

The phrase “new hire” was used in “Despicable Duping” because commissioner meeting agendas referenced “New Hire Order” for six hires in September alone.

The second half of Itzen’s letter focused on vague or contradictory statements such as:

•The use of more road funds for patrol (deputies) “could be” in violation of Chapter 75. There is no Chapter 75.

•In a meeting October 2, Commissioner Smith stated “Unfortunately we’re probably going to have to ‘borrow’ another million dollars from the road fund. …”

Itzen closed saying if the Tax Measure passes, commissioners will reduce the tax in any year Federal Safety Net payments are received. He failed to mention the amount (dollar for dollar?) or what formula would be used.

For more information, go to http://www.currycountytaxes.com/. Click on HB 4175 at the top of the page. Download correspondence with the sheriff regarding HB 4175.

Call or email the sheriff and ask him how many road/patrol deputies he could have hired utilizing road funds totaling around $35,000,000 without a requirement to repay the funds. Ask what percent of his (and staff) time is wasted preparing for and attending commissioner meetings.

We need a change in county governance and to end this unproductive nonsense.

Thomas Huxley


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