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More of the same from Gold Beach

<<< A good read in a letter to the editor of the Curry Coastal Pilot, Wednesday, March 5, 2014 >>>

…Timely Adult topics…

This letter is regarding recent news articles and county meetings.

Topics range from commissioner Itzen suggesting questions be placed on the ballot asking citizens how they really feel about taxes; Brookings workshop with commissioner Brown outlining ideas discussed at the Public Safety Summit; Andrew Ragan asking for aspirin for “Taxes headaches” after learning the county wants Oregon Consensus to help commissioners stop arguing; the sheriff’s suggestion to consolidate 911 and save $500,000 annually.

Oregon Consensus can help commissioners stop arguing — for $13,000. Itzen discussed the subject during a commissioner meeting Feb. 5, 2014. One citizen attending had a novel alternative and whispered to me “Why not just act like adults?”

Itzen continued “We’ve had meetings numbering in the hundreds.” He explained commissioners invite people in the cities and the general public to meetings and “hardly anybody ever shows up … because they choose not to become involved.”

Later in the meeting commissioner Smith went on another tirade directed at Brown about some news article: “You (Brown) need to be held accountable for your actions in this public statement.” To watch embarrassing video go to: http://www.currycountytaxes.com/curry_county_taxes_018.htm

As for citizens choosing not to become involved:

•October 2011 scheduled county commissioner Town Hall meetings were never held with citizens.

•October 2011 electronic notice of county meetings to citizens was STOPPED.

•Video of the Safety Summit was “finally” provided one month after the meetings.

Oregon Attorney General’s position: sound, video or digital recording of a meeting generally should be made available to the public within a few days following the meeting.

Andrew, go to the Pilot website home page and type “911 consolidation” in the Search box. Take four aspirin; wait 30 minutes; click GO. First read “County’s Only 911 Center to be in Gold Beach” (November 2001.)

Consolidation was to take place over 10 years ago.

Thomas Huxley


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