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Whom Do You Trust?

If you live in Curry County you have three sources of information about those who are running for a seat on the County Board of Commissioners:

friends and neighbors,

yard signs and

the Curry Coastal Pilot.

As it turns out, Pilot readers say that they trust the Letters to the Editor more than its reporters. This is interesting because in the past month there have been nine letters supporting Tom Huxley with only a few writing in favor of other candidates.

Here is a sample of what Huxley supporters said:

“What can I say? Except that Tom Huxley is a decent human being, honest and smart… A successful businessman, he has written extensively against excessive benefits and PERS [reform] and refuses to take any benefits if elected.”

“Tom is fed up with the past four years of endless, non-productive commissioner meetings attended by a large number of County manager and staff that eat up time and our tax money and produce nothing but the same old idea: ‘Let’s raise taxes’.”

“Curry County finally has a county commissioner candidate interested in the future of the county… Current leaders have had ample opportunity to change the course and have done nothing to ensure our county’s future.”

“It is no wonder that the citizens have lost confidence in the absurdity in government and push back against [more] tax. Enter Tom Huxley!”

“Dave Itzen, the current commissioner, has had four years to correct the fiscal problems facing the County and nothing has changed.”


In case you missed the letters or want more information, you need to go to www.huxleyforcommissioner.com. Contact him for more information and, of course, check out his Facebook page on any of the links off the home page.


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