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<<< Letter logic addict >>>

The letters to the editor last week are quite interesting.

They rise to a level of sophistry and bellicosity that is truly breathtaking. However, they seem to argue facts not in evidence.

One letter decries how conservatives do not care about the human cost of the border crises. Yet the conservative arch-fiend Glenn Beck is at the border with his personal charity providing food, clothing and comfort to the children there. I might also point out that the children are less then 10 percent of the people flooding the border.

I am amused about the assertion that Mr. Obama has deported more people then Bush. That argument is like noting a homeowner has bailed more water from his basement after he punched a nail through the water supply then the previous owner who tightened a leaky valve. What say we send the gang members, criminals and drug cartels home, eh?

Another letter mentions the presidential accomplishments, most of which revolve around the improving economy (a debatable point) and then blame the U.S. House of Representatives for the economic woes of the nation.

And then there is the cherry on top in the form of an accusation that Republicans are responsible for vandalizing the Democrats’ office space. Perhaps we should castigate the Pilot here for not reporting that the case was solved. As far as I know the perpetrator is unknown.

But I am just addicted to logic.

Kenneth Swanson 

Accomplish … or not

Obama accomplishments?

Desired accomplishment: Dramatically impose strong Federal control of weapons ownership in [the] U.S. Have a federal agency run guns to Mexico then have Secretary of State Clinton complain the U.S. is providing majority of illegal weapons to Mexico. Actual accomplishment: Murder of a U.S. Agent.

Obamacare (selling thereof): Lies out of the mouth of Obama: a. You keep your doctor. b. You keep your insurance. Cost of insurance goes down. Actual accomplishment: The opposite of above.

IRS suppression of possible Democrat opponents. Actual accomplishment: Over four years of nation level illegal voter suppression. Desired accomplishment: Unrestricted flow of Central Americans to front-load voting for one political party. Actual accomplishment: dumping of men women and children from Central America on unsuspecting American towns and cities to go behind Congress and get own way. Plus a demand of over 4 billion dollars.

Selected an attorney general who claims there is no illegal voting in the U.S. First act as attorney general was to stop prosecution of Black Panther Party members who stood in front of a polling station to intimidate voters. Still maintains he has no knowledge of voter fraud!

By-passing Congress repeatedly to change laws to his own desires in violation of the Constitution. Chaos and conflict between three branches of government. Declaring Red Line for Syria to not cross and then doing nothing at all when they did cross that line. Actual accomplishment: Putin of Russia woke up to possible invasion of the Ukraine.

Doug Bewall 


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