Think About Your Vote for Governor


<<<Let the Truth Shine!>>>

…The Richardson for Governor staff compiled a summary of Governor Kitzhaber’s recent ad and some of the most fictitious claims the staff thought you should know.

FICTION: Kitzhaber has “fought to get our state back on track”
FACT: He took 7 weeks of vacation in a 10 month period instead of fighting for Oregon families, and while Dennis was in legislative session, Governor Kitzhaber was “studying growth national happiness” in Bhutan.

FICTION: Kitzhaber is responsible for “closing the budget gap and balancing the books”
FACT: As the Co-Chair of Ways and Means Committee in the Oregon State House, Dennis Richardson was responsible for the real work that solved the budget crisis.

FICTION: Kitzhaber has “improved access to health care for hundreds of thousands”
FACT: Cover Oregon was a complete failure. Not a single Oregonian was able to sign up for a new health plan through the state exchange’s broken web site that Kitzhaber spent $300 million of our tax dollars on.

FICTION: Kitzhaber has created “tens of thousands of new jobs”
FACT: Oregon’s unemployment rate has been higher than the national average since the end of the first year of Kitzhaber’s first term, and just last month unemployment increased again to 7%.

FICTION: Improving our schools to give every Oregonian a chance to get ahead.
FACT: Oregon’s ranking as 49th in the nation for high school graduation rates can only mean one thing: it also falls close to the bottom on his list of priorities.

Editor’s Comment:  Stay tuned for more of the same.


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