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I no longer believe the local newspaper…

Pilot’s vendetta…

(A letter to the editor.)

Is it true? I read the headline concerning Commissioner Huxley’s county salary and was amazed to see that he was getting nearly half a million dollars for his four year term, But that is not true!

Commissioner Huxley is getting the $10,000 stipend per year, not per month that he campaigned on and the newspaper reporter just got the facts wrong yet one more time. Not only that, the editor of the newspaper got it wrong, too. Is there anyone at the Pilot newspaper that can reliably get the facts right when it concerns Commissioner Huxley?

It seems that every story I read about him has errors, half-truths, and some accusations that I consider outright lies. My wife read the story and came to the same conclusion as me. In fact, I am betting the whole county now thinks that the commissioner now gets $10,000 a month.

I have never seen a local vendetta directed from our local newspaper against such an honest person in my life. The Pilot has now become a propaganda newspaper in my eyes, controlled by who knows what person and the unfortunate problem is that we do not have anyone to correct the “misreporting” of the Pilot.

Even if a retraction was made, it would probably be on the back page and in the smallest type so that hardly anyone would ever see it. The bottom line is this, I no longer believe a word I read in the Pilot.

Robert Lake


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