Voters in most states must have a valid ID

Supreme Court Won’t Shelve Texas Voter ID Law

…. Western Journalism – April 29, 2016 ….

The U.S. Supreme Court has rejected a request from opponents of Texas’ voter identification law to scrap the measure even before an appeals court has ruled on the law.

Latino advocacy groups and Democratic lawmakers have said the law is discriminatory and filed a lawsuit to block it. So far, the law has remained in effect as the legal wrangling continues. The law’s opponents asked the Supreme Court to scrap the law during that process, but the court so far has refused.

The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals will hear the case next month. The Supreme Court indicated that it might consider revisiting the request to suspend the law depending on the progress of that case.

The Texas law requires voters to provide certain government-issued photo identification. Opponents of the law say that more than 600,000 eligible voters don’t have the required ID, and that those voters contain a disproportionate share of black and Hispanic Texans. State officials, however, contend there have been no problems with large numbers of voters being turned away for lack of the required ID.

Back in 2011, the law was shot down by a federal appeals court on the grounds that it violated the federal Voting Rights Act. However, since that time a Supreme Court ruling limited the use of that law in trying to block state voting rules.

About 30 states have adopted some form of voter identification requirements. A 2008 Supreme Court decision in support of an Indiana law indicated that the standard for judging voter ID laws would be the specific provisions of each state’s statute and the impact of any state’s law on voter participation.

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