If You Want Tea Party Support, Do This…

Trump and the Tea Party

… American Thinker – May 6, 2016 by James Mullin …

As apprehensive as I am about Donald Trump, I would never put myself in the Never Trump camp. To do so would be to totally neutralize the power that I and millions of other Tea Party members are now handed. To Mr. Trump I toss out one simple thought – try and win without the Tea Party/Conservative vote in November. If you are having any difficulty on this subject please email or phone Mr. Mitt Romney. The Tea Party/Conservative members are the very fulcrum of this election. If we sit home, it’s President Hillary, and The Donald is back to doing retakes on The Apprentice and staying out of bankruptcy court.

So I’d like to borrow Mr. Trump’s advice on deal making and call on all Tea Party Conservatives to require just three things of Mr. Trump before we decide to enter the voting booth this November.

First, we’d like a true conservative as your vice president. You two do not need to get along, that’s really fine with us.  Second, we’d like to have it written in stone, who the names of your first two Supreme Court appointees will be. Third, we want to see – in writing – your tax plan for your first year in office (the one you will submit to Congress), with it being abundantly clear to us: a) how you will simplify the tax code; and b) how you will reduce the deficit.

Now you could try to run to the middle as a moderate (i.e. nothing) appealing to both party blocs, but again, I’d refer you here to Mr. Romney on that score.  You’ve made exceptional mileage to date running on whipping up emotion with little substance. And you’ll get that vote if you merely so continue — and lose 54% to 46% in November — even to Crooked Hillary. We were just fine with staying home in 1976, even though it gave us Jimmy Carter – and biding our time as the rubber band was stretched ever tighter by the Liberal Left.

We have no track record of you in office, Mr. Trump. You would never give a loan to an applicant with no financial history, would you?  Well, we can’t give you the White House with no political history – or actually a political history of sorts that gives us agita.  So, Mr. Trump, if you want things to turn out like 1980, rather than 2008 or 2012, please deliver on the above.



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