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President Obama’s List of Accomplishments

<<< Editor’s Note:  We cannot verify whether all of these statements are true.  But even if half of them are false or misleading, the balance is sufficient to vote him out of office.>>> First President to apply for college aid as a foreign student, then deny he was a foreigner.[…]

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Curry County: Unions, PERS & Impacts

<<< Unions need to give up exorbitant benefits, or we don’t have a chance >>> June 6, 2012  By Joel Summer, Publisher, Curry Reporter… Commissioner candidate Greg Empson is absolutely correct about one thing. Until the county commissioners, a county executive, their lawyers – whoever – negotiates union contracts with[…]

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Renewable Energy Costs and Benefits…

<<<  The New Math of Renewable Energy: $50 = $100  >>> ….The Heritage Foundation — By David Kreutzer, Ph.D. — May 25, 2012…. Suppose you could produce $50 of electricity but it cost you $100 to do so. Would that make any sense? It would if you work at the[…]

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Failed BLM and USFS Policies are a disaster for Oregon

  <<<It’s time to judge forest policy by its result, not by its intent>>> …..Rural Americans suffer while the Northwest Forest Plan fails to save owls….. Commentary Published: May 29, 2012  By Rob DeHarpport  For The Register-Guard Failed federal policies implemented by unelected agencies such as the U.S. Forest Service[…]

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