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A Rabbit? Really?

WATCH WHAT THE CAT BRINGS IN……. MONDAY. Sam, our cat, was so excited that he brought in his huge trophy yesterday after being outside. I only caught a glimpse of 2 furry legs out the side of his mouth, and no, they were not mouse legs. I screeched to my[…]

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Oregon’s Blue Sky Budget?

Oregon’s 2011-13 Budget Built on $650 Million “Assumptions”  — TEA Note: This from Dennis Richardson’s 7/22/2011 news letter. — I am State Representative Dennis Richardson, and as one of the Co-Chairs of Oregon’s budget drafting committee, I write this newsletter for all Oregonians who care about having a leaner, smarter[…]

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Rhodes avoiding hometown display?

Editor: Curry County’s proposed new Sixes Airport business venture got off to a disjointed and slow start at Wednesday’s State Parks Commission meeting in Bandon where Commissioner George Rhodes was to present  the County’s acquisition and business plan. However Mr. Rhodes demurred and instead asked that he be on the[…]

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Politics or achievements?

Editor: Achievers are positive, constructive, efficient, responsible goal setters. They have a plan to serve a need and work it. Politicians aspire to be the government: that is governing, not serving. Running the business of government. What is that? Does the government produce a viable product, productive ideas or responsible[…]

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