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Castles, kings and freedom of speech

Editor: I guess the White House has relocated to Brookings. The president, his staff and the Democrats would love to censor anyone who thinks for themselves. Tomas Bozack wants to censor the right (Pilot, May 18), I wonder what would happen if the Pilot refused to print his letter. Freedom[…]

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County not looking for funding sources

Editor: Re: County 2011/2012 budget hearings, associated Pilot articles and continued county commissioner refusal to answer electorate budget related questions.  According to county finance supervisory staff early last month: •The proposed budget should be online by May 18, 2011. •2010/2011 “General Fund” appropriations totaled approximately $10.1 million. Commissioners, now that[…]

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Consolidate school districts into one

Editor: CurryCountyhas three independent school districts, each with a superintendent, business manager, and various administrative support staff. Total enrollment in the three districts is fewer than 2,500 students, less than the size of one individual big city school.  Article after article in the local papers laments the fact that, due[…]

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County’s ill-fated airport scheme

Editor: The county commissioners are planning to take over ownership of theCapeBlancoAirport, set anOregonprecedent of converting state park land to private development, and spend money on an ill-fated scheme. And they’re not telling us about it. The extent of notification has been a cryptic two-line announcement offered less than two[…]

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