Jeff Gordon, a Tax Return and a President’s Speech

  <<< JEFF GORDON FIRED HIS WHOLE PIT CREW >>>   Raleigh, NC… Jeff Gordon announced today he has fired his entire pit crew. This announcement followed Gordon’s decision to take advantage of Newt Gingrich’s scheme to employ Harlem youngsters. The decision to hire them was brought about by a[…]

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A Lawyer you might love…

Part of rebuilding New Orleans caused residents often to be challenged with the task of tracing home titles back potentially hundreds of years… With a community rich with history stretching back over two centuries, houses have been passed along through generations of family, sometimes making it quite difficult to establish[…]

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Three New Stories

  Are We Riding a Dead Horse? The tribal wisdom of the Dakota Indians, passed on from generation to generation, says that: When you discover that you are riding a dead horse, your best strategy is to dismount.  However, in our government more advanced strategies are often employed, such as:[…]

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Wisdom from an old Jewish man…

 A female CNN journalist heard about a very old Jewish man who had been going to the Western Wall to pray, twice a day, every day, for a long, long time.  So she went to check it out.  She went to the Western Wall and there he was,walking slowly up[…]

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