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Ask the White House about this…

  <<< Federal Agency Loses Money Selling Government Reports. The Catch? They’re Already Free >>> …The Heritage Foundation – April 15, 2014… A federal agency selling government reports that are otherwise free is the target of a new bill meant to curtail government waste. “With a money-losing profit model only[…]

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It’s time to retire Senator Harry Reid!

<<< Americans are “Liars;” Forgets He Was Caught On Video >>> … — March 29, 2014… “A lie has no leg, but a scandal has wings.” – Thomas Fuller What is a scandal? In terms of a dictionary definition, a scandal would be a sordid, illegal, or illicit event which[…]

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Obama’s Perfect Crisis

<<< David Kupelian reveals why creating chaos is Job 1 for ‘transformational’ president >>> …World Net Daily – January 12, 2014… “Psychologists have a term for this nasty personality quirk of accusing others of the evil you do. It’s called “projection” and is defined as “a defense mechanism that involves[…]

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A “Federal Benefit” ???

<<< History Lesson on Your Social Security Card >>>   …Note: the source for this article is the social network site: has a more detailed history… Just in case some of you do not remember the history associated with the Social Security program, here it is: Social Security[…]

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