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Let the sun shine on the press…

  Guilty Until Proven Innocent: How the Press Prosecuted Zimmerman While Stoking Racial Tensions Breitbart TV – July 13, 2013 “ The mainstream media did everything in its still-potent power to not only push for the prosecution of Mr. Zimmerman (the police originally chose not to charge him) but also[…]

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The Liberals are starting to get it!

  <<< TIME MAGAZINE TRASHES OBAMACARE >>> Zeke J Miller — June 20, 2013 (This article appears in this week’s magazine.) In a windowless office in the basement of the West Wing, behind a utility room and next to a fire-alarm panel, David Simas is marking up another whiteboard with[…]

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Caution: Immigration Legislation

<<<Four Words to Watch in the Immigration Debate>>> …Heritage Foundation – Morning Bell  June 7, 2013… The Senate will begin debate on the Gang of Eight’s immigration proposal next week.  Here are four words to watch out for as the Senators make their case—and warnings about what they might mean.[…]

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Questions and Answers about Common Core

  <<< A Brief Introduction to Common Core >>> By Jennifer Gallegos… Please note: Our source for information and one of many posts on common core is here:   We have been prescribed a bright, new shiny apple for the ills in our national education system; but do we[…]

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