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How did we get to the “cliff” ?

<<< Ten Facts on the Fiscal Cliff, Debt and Spending >>> – The Heritage Foundation – Morning Bell – December 27, 2012 –  Budget policy in 2012 was characterized by deficit spending, major increases in the national debt, and a heated debate over the “fiscal cliff.” With just days left[…]

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The hidden cost of business…

<<<We need regulation, but not this much!>>> …. Richmond Times-Dispatch, November 14, 2012  – by A. Barton Hinkle…. According to conventional progressive wisdom, regulation is the means by which a compassionate government protects the weak and innocent from the strong and malevolent. Try telling that to Brad Jones.  Jones is one[…]

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A note from the GOP establishment…

 <<<John Boehner Just Denied You Exist >>> Tea Party Patriots – November 8, 2012 “Well, listen, I think this has been the most misreported story of my two years’ tenure.  We don’t have a tea party caucus to speak of in the House.” – Speaker John Boehner, ABC news, November[…]

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Security tips for smart phones & other devices

< Six ways to protect your mobile data and yourself > (BPT) – Mobile devices make your life easier; everything you need to contact friends and family, manage finances and juggle your personal and professional lives is at your fingertips. But what if that information were to fall into the[…]

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