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Kitzhaber :(

New Oregon Taxes & Kitzhaber’s Scandals   …By Taxpayer Association of Oregon, December 18, 2014… Expect a raid on your Income Tax Kicker Refund Just after being elected Gov. Kitzhaber announced that is looking into plans to take your kicker tax refund. Economist cite a 50% chance of a[…]

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Kitzhaber is at it again!

  DMV Seeking End-around of Your Measure 88 NO Vote   Oregon catalyst — November 28. 2014 — by Mike Nearman You can thank President Obama and Oregon Democratic officials who pick and choose when to follow laws and the Oregon Constitution The will of the people is poised to[…]

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Turning Purple to Red

<<< How Republicans can win in purple Oregon >>> … – November 20, 2014 – Opinion by Julie Parrish… On November 4, when every other state in the nation got a bit redder, Oregon appears to have gotten bluer. While that certainly may be true for partisan races, ballot measures[…]

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Republicans & Ballot Measures

  <<<A way forward for Oregon Republicans>>> …Oregon Catalyst, November 13, 2014 by Mike Nearman…   It’s no secret that Oregon Republicans have had a tough time at the polls lately. Republicans haven’t won a statewide election for an embarrassingly long time. Oregon hasn’t had a Republican Governor in decades.[…]

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