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Serious Questions Need Serious Answers

  <<< Common Core.  The Answer to Oregon’s Failed Education System? >>> State Representative Dennis Richardson’s Newsletter – August 20, 2014… I flew helicopters for the Army in Vietnam.  In flight school it was commonly known that one-third of us Warrant Officer Candidates would “wash-out” and not graduate.  While a[…]

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The DeFazio Deception

<<< DeFazio plan would deceive airline customers >>> — Posted on – August 8, 2014 by Paul deLespinasse — Rep. Peter DeFazio, D-Ore., should take little pride that the House of Representatives recently passed a bill he co-sponsored with Rep. Bill Shuster, a Pennsylvania Republican. The bill would allow[…]

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States Rights: It’s About Time!

<<<  Time for western states to take back ownership of federal lands >>> Oregon Catalyst — July 3, 2014 by State Senator Doug Whitsett Natural systems endure an ever evolving cycle of growth and decline. The deterioration accumulates and dominates the landscape when we fail to put the growth to[…]

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Do you want recreational marijuana?

  <<< Before you vote on legalizing pot, what can we learn from Colorado? >>> Erica Nochlin, KATU News ( — June 27, 2014 It will likely be up to you in November whether to legalize marijuana in Oregon. The group New Approach Oregon turned in enough signatures to get[…]

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