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If It’s “Green” It Must Be Good

  <<< The High Cost of Liberalism >>> … Larry Huss in the Oregon Catalyst — June 11, 2014 … The high cost of liberalism continues to increase. Tuesday mornings Oregonian reported on another “green energy” fantasy slipping into failure at considerable cost to taxpayers. An article by Molly Young[…]

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It’s Your Tax Dollars. Gone.

    <<< There’s a Sucker Born Every Minute >>> … Cascade Policy Institute — John Charles — May 12, 2014 … Last month, Oregon’s first commercial “wave energy” project near Reedsport was officially abandoned. The lead developer, New Jersey-based Ocean Power Technologies, had been promoting a utility-scale power project[…]

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Who can defeat Merkley?

  Oregonian slams Wehby for refusing to debate Conger  Oregon Catalyst – May 3. 2014 “Wehby wimps out on televised debate” ~ Oregonian Editorial Board “If Team Wehby doesn’t consider her ready for the crucible of a live TV debate, why should Republican voters consider her ready for a race[…]

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Multiple IT disasters before Cover Oregon

<<< Barbara Jensen’s role in state IT nightmare before Cover Oregon >>> — Oregon Catalyst — April 3. 2014 Cover Oregon has been in the news again recently. This time it was when Gov. Kitzhaber announced that after having spent more than $170 million and years of development, they’re not[…]

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