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Oregon Trails Health Sign-ups

  <<< With no enrollments completed, the State is dead last among 48 reporting on the new law’s launch >>> …The Register-Guard, November 14, 2013… SALEM — A federal report released Wednesday shows just how far behind Oregon is with its roll out of a health insurance exchange. After a[…]

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Cover Oregon, Uncovered!

 <<< Unfortunately, Cover Oregon IS the poster child for Obamacare >>> Oregon Catalyst — October 31, 2013 — Senator Doug Whitsett (R-Klamath Falls)… The October 1st debut of the Affordable Care Act has been nothing less than a disaster. In most states the system remains nonfunctional nearly a month after its[…]

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Watch out for the term “comprehensive”

<<< Is Oregon ready for a sales tax? >>> …by Dan Lucas — Oregon Catalyst — October 17. 2013… As I’ve noted before, state spending in Oregon doubled in ten years, growing from $30 billion to $60 billion. The Oregon All Funds budget doubled from the budget ending in 2001[…]

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The Whole Truth?

<<< Despicable Duping >>> Letters to the Editor — Curry Coastal Pilot — October. 9, 2013… For the past nine months Curry County commissioners have focused their energy on how to “Dupe and Deceive” the citizens of Curry County into approving a Tax Levy. This despicable behavior became nothing less[…]

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