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This pig is going to take off with your medical dollars!

<<< As notices of health insurance changes go out, some experience rate shock >>> …The Oregonian – – September 19, 2013… Some Oregonians who buy insurance on their own are experiencing rate shock as the first wave of required notices go out about changes to their plans under health[…]

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Teachers Take a Back Seat to Others

<<< Tip of the Education Iceberg >>> Cascade Policy Institute — July 29, 2013 —  By William Newell When you think of a school, you probably imagine classrooms filled with students and teachers, not employee offices. The reality is that highly compensated administrators and non-teaching support staff outnumber Oregon’s K-12[…]

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A novel approach to get petition signatures: the drive-through

  <<<Group plans drive-through to try to overturn driver’s card legislation>>>  August 22, 2013… Editor’s Note: As of this posting, we do not know the outcome of the drive-through. In any case, you have to appreciate their creative mind. A group dedicated to overturning a new Oregon law that[…]

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A Liberal Legacy

  CONSIDER THIS:  TRULY A DEMOCRAT’S PARADISE!   There are more people on Welfare in Illinois than there are people working. Chicago pays the highest wages to teachers than anywhere else in the U.S. averaging $110,000/year.  Their pensions average 80-90% of their income. You can’t blame that on republicans because[…]

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