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Another Oregon green fails…

  <<< Taxpayers Should Be ReVolted by Green Business Subsidies >>> Oregon Catalyst by John A Charles Jr. October 29, 2012. Last week another publicly subsidized “green business” company filed for bankruptcy in Portland. ReVolt Technology had received $6.8 million in state and local subsidies, plus another $5 million from[…]

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The latest award for wasteful sepending

<<< Corvallis gets Porker Award for Climate Showcase Failure >>> …Oregon Catalyst – October 4, 2012…  Corvallis spends tax dollars to modify people’s behavior teaching people to screw in green light bulbs and ride bikes… So far behind they’ll never catch up! Unattainable goals within grant period Not a proper role of government![…]

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Two New Posts on Oregon PERS!

    <<< 2013-15 PERS Employer Contributions To Increase By $900 Million >>>       By Dan Re – Inrethepeople’s Blog – September 29, 2012   On September 28, 2012, the Oregonian reported that the PERS Board voted unanimously to increase PERS employer contributions by $900 million for the July 1, 2013 – June[…]

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Congratualtions Oregon. You’re Number 2 in the Nation!

   <<< Food Stamps buys Starbucks, steaks, pizza & birthday cakes! >>> …Oregon Catalyst – September 4, 2012  by Taxpayer Association of Oregon… A Starbucks in a Salem Safeway gleefully advertised on their doors that they “accept food stamps” where they can be used to buy Frappuccino cold drinks and[…]

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