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Talk About Debt!

Is TriMet Better Off Than Greece? …. Cascade Policy Institute – October 12, 2015 by John A. Charles, Jr. …. Syndicated financial writer Malcolm Berko recently advised a small investor to stay away from Greek bonds or securities. He wrote, “Greece has morphed into a bureaucratic five-star welfare state; but[…]

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More on the EPA Water Grab

Oregon turns its back on rancher’s on WOTUS ….Oregon Cattlemen’s Association — September 16, 2015…. (Editors note: “WOTUS” is the acronym for “Waters of the United States” – the EPA power grab of nearly all waters. The State of Oregon should be ashamed. ) On the 28 of August, Oregon,[…]

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One Small Step Toward Gun Confiscation

Oregon Expanded Gun Background Check Law Takes Effect …Oregon Catalyst – August 16, 2015 — Sen. Doug Whitsett… One of the most controversial bills enacted during the Oregon Legislative Assembly’s 2015 regular session was Senate Bill 941. It was passed by both legislative chambers on party-line votes and signed into[…]

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“Affordable” Health Care?

Oregon and Other States to Pay Dearly for “Affordable” Health Care …Oregon Catalyst — July 23, 2015… by Senator Doug Whitsett… We are now more than six years into the presidency of Barack Obama. The products of his signature redistribution-of-wealth programs are becoming all too apparent, with devastating consequences for[…]

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