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  1. April 18th 1775 the famous “ride of Paul Revere”. April 19th, “The shot heard around the world.” What led up to these dates were years of abuse by a tyrannical King George III and his government. Between 1764-74 there was a series of acts, regulations and taxes such as Sugar Act, Currency Act, Stamp Act, Quartering Act, Declaratory Act, Townshend Revenue Act, Tea Act, Boston Port Act, Administration Act, plus many more. Having been put under these numerous laws and regulation the colonies were fed up and in March 1775 Patrick Henry offered a written speech where he starts with, “No man thinks more highly than I do of Patriotism” and he ends, ” I know not what others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death”.
    April 18th-19th 2016 a large number of Patriots gathered to their states capitols to insist that their states take back control of this tyrannical federal government. Demanding a Convention of States uniting around THE CONSITUTION and Article V.
    And what lead us to this action are a series of laws, and regulations imposed by a tyrannical presidency and out of control government for years.
    1 The Affordable Care Act voted and enacted through lies and deception to the public.
    2 The president by Executive orders delayed enforcement and gave waivers for political advantage to the (ACA) against the Constitution Article,1 section 1: Article 2, section3.
    3 The Supreme Court changes the (ACA) by making it a tax forcing citizens to engage in commerce Article 1, section 1+8.
    4 Failing to enforce immigration laws such as 2006 Secure Fence Act, and directing agencies such as I.C.E. to stop enforcing immigration laws, Article 1, section 1.
    5 Expanded executive action for amnesty to illegal immigration relatives of Dream Act beneficiaries, Article 2, section 3; Article 1, section 8.
    6 Using the D.O.J. to prevent Arizona and Alabama from enforcing immigration laws, 10th amendment.
    7 Altered 1996 Welfare Reform Act by memorandum telling states they can waive work requirement for welfare recipients Article 1, section 1.
    8 Giving federal agencies such as E.P.A., I.P.A.B Independent Payment Advisory Board to make laws and enforce – Separation of Powers Article 1, section 1
    9 There have been 23 executive orders on gun control. and with the last year of this Tyranny we can be assured the assault on the 2nd Amendment will continue.
    The first Patriots published a list of grievances (Declaration of Independence) against a tyrannical government outside the colonies and finishing that document by saying “pledging to each other our lives, our fortune, and our sacred honor”.
    Patriots of today have a set of laws for the states to unite around (The Constitution) against a tyrannical government within. The Constitution has within Article 5 where 2/3 of the states can call for a Constitutional Convention with the ability to add Amendments with the hope to bring the federal government back under control of the Constitution.
    Brethren, and Fellow Citizens ! I therefore give you this early notice, that you may hold yourselves in readiness, on the shortest notice, to give them such a reception, as such vile ingrates deserve”. This is part of a notice for the “Boston Tea Party”.
    The intent of this letter is to bring to action the citizenry of the United States against a government that is no longer responsive to it’s citizens. And to encourage a “Spring Offensive” on April 18th – 19th. March to your state capitols and demand of the states to take control, and reinstitute CONSTITUTIONAL CONTROL of these UNITED STATES.

  2. You are incorrect in your article “Read This Before Voting Yes” about Curry Health District. You state that Brookings will appoint two non-voting members to the Board prior to the elections in 2017. This is not correct – Brookings will make several recommendations from among citizens in the entire area proposed to be annexed (both Brookings and Harbor areas), and the Board will make the appointment decisions.

    I also disagree with the issue of paying 2/3 of the taxes. At this moment, Brookings/Harbor has about $21 million invested in a healthcare facility owned by CHD. They have paid nothing other than service fees. The residents of the current district have paid taxes since 1983, and they also pay service fees. The level of distrust expressed on this web site is truly amazing. Having the mayor of Brookings speak at Saturday’s event was an unfair choice, as he does not have the ability to field the operational questions raised during the Q & A session.

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