On Monday, the 29th of November 1773, a handbill was posted all over Boston, calling for a protest over “the detested tea, shipped for this port has now arrived in the harbor…  tyranny stares you in the face.  Every friend to his country… is now called upon to…  make united and successful resistance to this most destructive measure of the [British] administration.”  Fast forward to May 2009.  A small group of citizens decided that Brookings needed to have a Tea Party, and we did:  first on the 4th of July, then September 19th, then February 13, 2010, April 10th, July 3rd  and September 25th.   In 2011 we started conducting regular events  including a business report, interesting speakers and an opportunity to exchange ideas. In 2012, we  continued what has become the “third Saturday” of the month programs. Watch for flyers, posters and other bulletins for event times and places. And, again in 2013 and 2014, we continued programs designed to inform.



All of the events were conducted on the third Saturday of the month at 2:00 PM at the Azalea Middle School Multipurpose room, 505 Pacific, Brookings, OR.

April  16 — John Charles, CEO and President of Cascade Policy Institute

May 21 — Del Norte County (CA) Sheriff Dean Wilson

June 18 — Rob Taylor, the John Stossell of Southern Oregon

July 16 — Jim Bice, owner of KOOS News and a conservative radio talk personality.

August  20 — The Curry County Commissioners in an open forum, with a focus on fiscal policies and County finances.

September 17 — Dan Re, an expert on Oregon PERS with a reputation for getting the facts.  See his post on this site.

October  15 — Scott Rohter, a champion for smaller government and more…



January 21 — Jim Huffman, Dean Emeritus, Lewis & Clark Law School, with a brief  history of the U.S. Constitution and current issues and abuses.

February 18 — Randal O’toole, a Senior Fellow with the Cato Institute, outlined some of what is wrong with state-mandated land use regulations.

March 17 — All of the candidates for Curry County Commissioner summarized their experience and platform and were then subjected to about 90 minutes of questions from a standing room only audience.

April 21 — Matthew Robinson was the keynote speaker for the third-Saturday event, followed by an open forum designed to build support for important issues.

June 16 — Art Robinson, candidate for Oregon’s Fourth District and incumbent Peter Defazio were  invited to this event. Robinson made the case for a return to the US Constitution and smaller government. (Mr. DeFazio did not respond to our invitation, apparently due to some confusion regarding how to request a response from his office.)

July 28 — Candidate for Oregon Secretary of State spoke about the critical tasks that need to be done by this office.

August 18 — All four candidates for Commissioner attended our August 18 event.  An extensive Q & A captivated the audience.

September 15 — Jack Adkins, a stem winder with Freedom Works – Oregon, excited a crowd of more than 80 participants

 October 20 — Karla Kay Edwards, with Americans for Prosperity (AFP),  addressed Oregon ballot measures, AFP  activities and other topics.


2013 Events

January 19 — John Johnson, a local favorite, during a standing-room-only crowd of more than 100,  explored Agenda 21 and its impacts. Details on UPDATE.

March 16 — Ted Freeman and Rob Taylor described their experiences with Agenda 21 during a standing-room-only event.  Details on UPDATE.

May 18 — Doctors  Greg Duncan and  Kevin Caldwell (Sutter Coast Hospital – Crescent City) provided a ton of information regarding  Sutter Health’s attempt to regionalize the Crescent City Hospital. If successful, the Crescent City hospital will become a “critical access unit” with half of the beds and reduced services. It was standing room only; with dozens turned away.

June 22 — Doctors Greg Duncan and Kevin Caldwell  (Sutter Coast Hospital – Crescent City) were back a second time to discuss the   “regionalization” issue.  Linda Horn, CEO, Sutter Coast and Ken Hall, Chairman of the Board accepted an invitation to be on the program, but changed their minds two days before the event.

July 13 — Oregon Tea Party Chairman, John Kuzmanich,  raised the roof on a variety of topics.

September 21 — Cynthia Kendoll, President of Oregonians for Immigration Reform,  spoke to a standing-room-only crowd to share many of the impacts  of illegal immigration.  For more information contact us.


2014 Events

January 18 — Shane Ozbum, Tom McKirgan and Rob Taylor explored the downside of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act.  The downside? It allows the federal government to arrest almost anyone and put them in jail.  No warrants. No trial.  Just jail.

March 15 — Three candidates who are competing for the chance to replace Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley participated in a forum with many questions and answers.  Then there was an informal debate regarding the May ballot measure on Curry County Home rule.

April 19 — The four candidates for the Curry County Board of Commissioners participated in our forum. By all accounts it was far better than others.  Informative.  Time for the candidates to respond to questions. But no liberal press accounts.

August 16 —  Del Norte County Sheriff Dean Wilson  provided some details regarding federal versus local jurisdiction.  The bottom line: state and local governments have the upper hand, but are not using it.

September 20 — David Itzen and Tom Huxley who are running for Curry County Commissioner debated several issues.


2015 Events

February 21 — Curry County Sheriff John Ward responded to questions about County finances, staffing and a host of other issues including the proposed tax increase.

June 6 — Physicists  Gordon Fulks presented some facts about climate change.  He contended that the climate has been changing since the beginning of recorded time with some decades warmer than others; some cooler.

August 15 — Rob Taylor (Coos County Watchdog) walked the audience through the steps to petition the government for change.



Event Organization…

Events are planned and coordinated by the Event Planning Group.  It meets about once a month to review past events and to focus on the work to be done for coming meetings.

 Event Publicity…

We encourage  TEA groups, 9/12 organizations and others to spread the word about the Brookings Harbor Tea Party. In return, we welcome posts for other events throughout Oregon and Northern California.


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